2016: Stronghold

2016 was our rookie year as an FRC team. This year's challenge was FIRST Stronghold, a medieval themed game. Alliances of three robots each try to score the most points during a 15 second autonomous period and a 2:15 driver controlled period. Robots attempt to breach their opponent's outer works by crossing four of the five defenses on the field. Once in the enemy courtyard, teams weaken the tower by shooting boulders in high and low goals. In the endgame, robots surround or scale the tower to capture it.

Kendrick LowBAR

Our robot, Kendrick LowBAR, is a robot that can drive under the low bar. With our wedged front, 8in pneumatic drive wheels, and 4in sub-rollers, we can traverse defenses such as the rock wall and moat smoothly. An arm in the front allows us to lift the portcullis and lower the chival de frise. By ourselves we can breach the outer-works in any configuration to earn our team a rank point. A pair of flywheels intakes boulders into the shooter. Our shooter can then angle shots using an actuator to make shots into the high or low goals.


At the Sacramento Regional at UC Davis we were ranked 43rd out of 60 teams after qualification matches. We were chosen by teams 701 and 3669 to join Alliance 5 for the playoffs. We beat Alliance 4 in the quarterfinals, but we lost to the eventual regional champions in the semifinals. At the Awards Ceremony we were given the Rookie All Star Award which qualified us to attend the World Championships.

At the Silicon Valley Regional we were ranked 7th out of 64 teams after winning 6 of our 8 qualification matches. We were captains of Alliance 5 in the elimination rounds and chose teams 649 and 3482 to join us. We beat Alliance 4 in the quarterfinals but lost to the eventual regional champions in the semifinals. At the Awards Ceremony we were given the Rookie High Seed Award.

At the World Championships in St. Louis we played in the Carver subdivision. We ranked 37th out of 75 teams after qualification matches. Alliance 3, composed of teams 1114, 27, and 20, chose us to join their alliance. Our alliance finished as division quarterfinalists.

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